Basement Flooring

DIY,GENERAL REMODEL: Designing and renovating a room, entire house or basement can be a stressful undertaking. Redecorating alone may be a task for the do-it-yourselfer who has a good degree of skill and experience in that area. An entire room remodel is better left to the experts, especially when there are plumbing, electrical or wall relocating issues involved. Not only are these issues difficult, the results can be downright dangerous if done incorrectly. There is one area that has specific challenges which, in nearly every case, should only be performed only by a professional — the basement. Basements present specific challenges that every other room in the house does not. The walls may be constructed of a masonry product, unlike the upper floors, making the interior finishing difficult and problematic. The one area of the basement remodel that can make or break the entire project is the floor.

BASEMENT FLOORS: Basement floors are a remodeling project unto themselves. This is no place to start experimenting. To do so could very well take down the rest of the basement remodel with it. In nearly every home, the basement is the most damp room of the structure. This can vary widely from home to home, from a mildly annoying damp “feeling” to a history of catastrophic flooding. The professional contractor will assess this risk prior to any cosmetic applications, because the work must be performed in such a way that it is safe from damage for years to come. There are avenues available to insure the basement remains dry prior to renovations. Then, and only then, can floor materials be applied.

FLOORING MATERIALS: In our parents day, the only flooring options available for a basement were unattractive and uninviting. Either the cement floor was left bare, painted (which eventually began chipping), or a flooring was applied that was what one would expect to find in a garage. Today’s Basement Flooring, through the counsel of professionals, is every bit as welcoming as the flooring in the remainder of the home. These materials can accommodate a contemporary or utilitarian space. There are also flooring options that enhance a more traditional or even formal motif. Consulting with your professional, experienced contractor saves time and money, giving you spectacular additional living area.